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Animating the bar

All transitions between <argb_hex>, <integer> and <positive_integer> values can be animated, by prepending the animation command in front of any regular --set or --bar command:

sketchybar --animate <curve> <duration> \
--bar <property>=<value> ... <property>=<value> \
--set <name> <property>=<value> ... <property>=<value>

where the <curve> is any of the animation curves:

  • linear, quadratic, tanh, sin, exp

and the <duration> is a positive integer quantifying the number of animation steps.

The animation system always animates between all current values and the values specified in a configuration command (i.e. --bar or --set commands).

Perform multiple animations chained together

If you want to chain two or more animations together, you can do so by simply changing the property multiple times, e.g.:

sketchybar --animate sin 30 --bar y_offset=10 y_offset=0

will animate the bar to the first offset and after that to the second offset. You can chain together as main animations as you like and you can change the animation function in between. This is a nice way to create custom animations with key-frames. You can also make other properties wait with their animation till another animation is finished, by simply setting the property that should wait to its current value in the first animation.