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Bar Properties

Configuration of the bar‚Äč

For an example configuration see the supplied default sketchybarrc. The configuration file resides in ~/.config/sketchybar/sketchybarrc and is a regular script that gets executed when SketchyBar launches, everything persistent should be set up in this script.

It is possible to play with properties in the commandline and change them on the fly while the bar is running, once you find a fitting value you can include it in the sketchybarrc file, such that the configuration is restored on restart. When configuring SketchyBar it can be helpful to stop the brew service and run sketchybar from the commandline directly to see all relevant error messages and warnings directly.

The global bar properties can be configured by invoking:

sketchybar --bar <setting>=<value> ... <setting>=<value>

where possible settings are:

color<argb_hex>0x44000000Color of the bar
border_color<argb_hex>0xffff0000Color of the bars border
positiontop, bottomtopPosition of the bar on the screen
height<integer>25Height of the bar
margin<integer>0Margin around the bar
y_offset<integer>0Vertical offset of the bar from its default position
corner_radius<positive_integer>0Corner radius of the bar
border_width<positive_integer>0Border width of the bars border
blur_radius<positive_integer>0Blur radius applied to the background of the bar
padding_left<positive_integer>0Padding between the left bar border and the leftmost item
padding_right<positive_integer>0Padding between the right bar border and the rightmost item
notch_width<positive_integer>200The width of the notch to be accounted for on the internal display
notch_offset<positive_integer>0Additional y_offset exclusively applied to notched screens
displaymain, all, <positive_integer list>allDisplay to show the bar on
hidden<boolean>, currentoffIf all / the current bar is hidden
topmost<boolean>, windowoffIf the bar should be drawn on top of everything, or on top of all windows
sticky<boolean>onMakes the bar sticky during space changes
font_smoothing<boolean>offIf fonts should be smoothened
shadow<boolean>offIf the bar should draw a shadow

You can find the nomenclature for all the types here. If you are looking for colors, check out the color picker.