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Popup Menus

Simple Popup

Popup menus are a powerful way to make further items accessible in a small popup window below any bar item. Every item has a popup available with the properties:

sketchybar --set <name> popup.<popup_property>=<value>
drawing<boolean>offIf the popup should be rendered
horizontal<boolean>offIf the popup should render horizontally
height<positive_integer>bar heightThe vertical spacing between items in a popup
blur_radius<positive_integer>0The blur applied to the popup background
y_offset<integer>0Vertical offset applied to the popup
alignleft, right, centerleftAlignment of the popup with its parent item in the bar
background.<background_property>Popups have a background and support all properties

Items can be added to a popup menu by setting the position of those items to popup.<name> where <name> is the name of the item containing the popup. You can find a demo implementation of this here.