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Item Properties

Items and their properties

Items are the main building blocks of SketchyBar and can be configured in a number of ways. Items have the following basic structure:

Item Structure

Adding items to SketchyBar

sketchybar --add item <name> <position>

where the <name> should not contain whitespaces (or must be quoted), it is later used to refer to this item in the configuration. The <position> is the placement in the bar and can be either left, right, center or q (which is left of the notch) and e (which is right of the notch). The items will appear in the bar in the order in which they are added, but can be moved later on.

<position>left, right, center, (q, e #120)

Changing item properties

sketchybar --set <name> <property>=<value> ... <property>=<value>

where the <name> is used to target the item. (The <name> can be a regular expression inside of two slashed: /<regex>/)

A list of properties available to the set command is listed below (components might have additional properties, see the respective component section for them):

Geometry Properties

drawing<boolean>onIf the item should be drawn into the bar
positionleft, right, centerPosition of the item in the bar
associated_space<positive_integer list>0Spaces to show this item on
associated_display<positive_integer list>, active0Displays to show this item on
ignore_association<boolean>offIgnores all space / display associations while on
y_offset<integer>0Vertical offset applied to the item
padding_left<integer>0The padding applied left of the item
padding_right<integer>0The padding applied right of the item
width<positive_integer> or dynamicdynamicMakes the item use a fixed width given in points
blur_radius<positive_integer>0The blur radius applied to the background of the item
background.<background_property>Items support all background properties

Icon properties

icon<string>Icon of the item
icon.<text_property>Icons support all text properties

Label properties

label<string>Label of the item
label.<text_property>Labels support all text properties

Scripting properties

script<path>, <string>Script to run on an event
click_script<path>, <string>Script to run on a mouse click (Difference to mouse.clicked event: #109)
update_freq<positive_integer>0Time in seconds between routine script executions (0 means never)
updates<boolean>, when_shownonIf and when the item updates e.g. via script execution
mach_helper<string>Registers a helper for direct event notifications (example)

Text properties

drawing<boolean>onIf the text is rendered
highlight<boolean>offIf the text uses the highlight_color or the regular color
color<argb_hex>0xffffffffColor used to render the text
highlight_color<argb_hex>0xff000000Highlight color of the text (e.g. for active space icon
padding_left<integer>0Padding to the left of the text
padding_right<integer>0Padding to the right of the text
y_offset<integer>0Vertical offset applied to the text
font<family>:<type>:<size>Hack Nerd Font:Bold:14.0The font to be used for the text<string>Hack Nerd FontThe font family to be used for the text<string>BoldThe font style to be used for the text
font.size<float>14.0The font size to be used for the text
string<string>Sets the text to the specified string
width<positive_integer> or dynamicdynamicMakes the text use a fixed width given in points
aligncenter, left, rightleftAligns the text in its container when it has a fixed width larger than the content width
background.<background_property>Texts support all background properties
shadow.<shadow_property>Texts support all shadow properties

Background properties

drawing<boolean>offIf the background should be rendered
color<argb_hex>0x00000000Fill color of the background
border_color<argb_hex>0x00000000Color of the backgrounds border
border_width<positive_integer>0Width of the background border
height<positive_integer>0Overrides the height of the background
corner_radius<positive_integer>0Corner radius of the background
padding_left<integer>0Padding to the left of the background
padding_right<integer>0Padding to the right of the background
y_offset<integer>0Vertical offset applied to the background
clip<float>0.0By how much the background clips the bar (i.e. transparent holes in the bar)
image<path>, app.<bundle-id>The path to a png or jpeg image file, or a bundle identifier of an application
image.<image_property>Backgrounds support all image properties
shadow.<shadow_property>Backgrounds support all shadow properties

Image properties

drawing<boolean>offIf the image should draw
scale<float>1.0The scale factor that should be applied to the image

Shadow properties

drawing<boolean>offIf the shadow should be drawn
color<argb_hex>0xff000000Color of the shadow
angle<positive_integer>30Angle of the shadow
distance<positive_integer>5Distance of the shadow

Changing the default values for all further items

It is possible to change the defaults at every point in the configuration. All item created after changing the defaults will inherit these properties from the default item.

sketchybar --default <property>=<value> ... <property>=<value>

this works for all item properties.

Item Reordering

It is possible to reorder items by invoking

sketchybar --reorder <name> ... <name>

where a new order can be supplied for arbitrary items. Only the specified items get reordered, by swapping them around, everything else stays the same. E.g. if you want to swap two items simply call

sketchybar --reorder <item 1> <item 2>

Moving Items to specific positions

It is possible to move items and order them next to a reference item.

Move Item <name> to appear before item <reference name>:

sketchybar --move <name> before <reference name>

Move Item <name> to appear after item <reference name>:

sketchybar --move <name> after <reference name>

Item Cloning

It is possible to clone another item instead of adding a completely blank item

sketchybar --clone <parent name> <name> [optional: before/after]

the new item will inherit all properties of the parent item. The optional before and after modifiers can be used to move the item before, or after the parent, equivalently to a --move command.

Renaming Items

It is possible to rename any item. The new name should obviously not be in use by another item:

sketchybar --rename <old name> <new name>

Removing Items

It is possible to remove any item by invoking, the item will be completely destroyed and removed from brackets

sketchybar --remove <name>

the <name> can again be a regex: /<regex>/.